Embellished Gypsy TIG' Braid Bang

Embellished Gypsy TIG' Braid Bang


T-shape Ethiopian/Eritrean inspired Braided headpiece Embellished with gold adormentents, wire, cuffs, and beads at the ends!!! 




Named after the traditional hairstyle of the Tigray and Amhara people of the Northern and central highlands of Ethiopia as well as central parts of Eritrea. This hairstyle has variations and is worn based on the ages and marital status of the tribal women. 

"TIG", can be worn with any hairstyle ranging from high buns, to Fro's, and even w/ headwraps! An added hair accessory to beautify your crown. 


    NO REFUND or RETURN. However, If product is broken, a store credit will be issued.