Herbal Hair Growth/Scalp Pomade

Herbal Hair Growth/Scalp Pomade


This Hair Growth Pomade has lots of scalp stimulating herbs for healthy hair care and growth! Enjoy the soft scent and thin texture so that your scalp can breathe and also absorb the nutritious herbs! You get better results when you massage the pomade on your scalp after application. 



Grown and manufactured In Haiti, Haitian castor oil comes from seeds of the Ricinus Communis plant, which is native to Haiti and parts of Afrcia. Castor oil is an anti-inflammatory, very moisturizing, anti-microbial, and helps with various skin conditions as well as Hair growth and coating the hair strands for less breakage! As a child, growing up in a haitian household in Brooklyn, NY, this oil was the go to hair product my family used on our hair! Enjoy its benefits!



Grown and manufactured in Haiti! Vetiver Oil is a light, golden amber, and has a sweet, smooth, and earthy fragrance smell! Used as a natural perfume base in most popular fragrances, we used this oil to bring about many hair benefits! Vetiver Oil stimulates circulation, anti-septic, anti-infammatory, helps with anxiety and depression, has antioxidant properties that prevent premature hair loss due to damage! With these amazing benefits, your hair will be strong and your scalp healthy from the roots!



This prickly leaf which grows in the dessert has abundant amino acids which is the building block of healthy strong hair! It contains Vit. A, B6, and C which all contribute to strengthening our hair follicles. People deficient in these vitamins will experience, dry and frizzy hair with lots of split ends! Vit b6 stops hair loss before it starts! You can also treat heat damage with Cactus!!! 




Should be appllied every 3 days...or every day for problematic areas. Can also be used on the body!


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