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Holistic Hair Braiding: All of our services include non-toxic braiding hair, all natural hair gel and scalp oil, and a no-tight braid policy of gentle braiding!

Click below to book a Holistic Hair Braider in one of our locations. We serve NY, PA, & DC areas. More cities coming soon!

What Is Holistic Hair Braiding?

Holistic hair Braiding is providing wellness through whole body and hair care, using the safest and non-toxic products with a gentle approach to braiding! We use non-toxic and itch free braiding hair to avoid scalp irritation and chemical absorption through the skin! 

Our Holistic Hair Braiders are trained to give the best experience during your braid appointment!  

To spread the awareness of Holistic Hair Braiding, we have partnered with Clean Beauty Salons and boutiques throughout the nation so you can book with one of our Certified Holistic Hair Braiders!

All of our Certified Holistic Hair Braiders are also certified in Psychohairapy. A training rooted in bridging the gap between hairstylists and mental health.

View our directory below and book your appointment!

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